Privacy Policy

  1. In accordance with Law 15/1999 of Personal Data and Law 34/2002 of the Information Society (LSSICE) we inform you that :

    There are different ways for your personal or business data to pass to our file and therefore different purposes and uses of your data in the future, always with your consent:

    Contact Form or Consultation: If you give your consent before sending a query or your Data throw contact form, your data will be part of our file and the purpose will be to send you any kind of information about BITEMOSQUITO, (commercial, new products, offers, suscriptions, promotions, Corporate information,...), Henceforth GENERAL INFORMATION

    Suscription: If you insert your e-mail in the subscription form enabled on the web (clearly identified) your data will be part of our file and the purpose will be to send you GENERAL INFORMATION about BITEMOSQUITO.

    Registry: If you give your consent before sending the registration form, as a user, your data will be part of our file, and the purpose will be to identify you in next accesses to Bitemosquito web, using the assigned keys, and send you GENERAL INFORMATION about BITEMOSQUITO.

    At any time you can send an email to, To rectify your preferences regarding the information to receive from bitemosquito, or the desire to cancel any information we send to you, or change your personal Data, or your shipping address,...

    You will also have the freedom at any time to rectify, or cancel your suscription, Either from any of the emails we send you, or by contacting us at or call al (34)950 461 429.

    The enjoyment of the condition of REGISTERED USER Always require the inclusion of your data in our file, With the priority purpose of IDENTIFY Through your personal access keys. The consent to receive GENERAL INFORMATION OR ANY TYPE Will be at your choice.
    If your data has been collected for the use of any information service that does not require registration or subscription And you have not given your consent to receive information of promotions or news of BITEMOSQUITO Your data will be eliminated once the query or information requested will be resolved, That is, your data will not be stored in our Database.

Legal Advice

  1. In order to comply with the provisions of Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, below we indicate the data of the general information of our website:

    Headline: Maria Zulay Ramos Batista
    N.I.F: 45763192T
    Address: C/Sierra de María, 3. Vera (04620)
    Telephone: (+34) 950 461 429

Cookies Policy

  1. In order to navigate our website it is necessary to use cookies. Cookies are files that are installed on the computer from which you access our website.
    Bitemosquito Uses two different types of cookies on our website:
    Third Party Web Analytics Cookies: Installed on your computer by the Google Analytics service. They are statistical cookies, with this cookies we can know useful data to improve our website. Some data collected are for example: the number of visits received, the origin of the visits, the keywords used to find us, or the hours of greater influx of visitors. You can get more information about the Google Analytics privacy policy by visiting the following link: & nbsp; Google Analytics Cookie Policy
    Own cookies, generated by our website, for different purposes:
    Authentication Cookies: Used to recognize registered users who have been "logged in" on our website. With these cookies, you can access the restricted access sections of our website.In case of rejecting these cookies or being deleted, The keys to access to our website will not work correctly.
    Interface Customization Cookies: Used to facilitate the navigation of our website. They allow to remember some graphic aspects of our web site automatically. In case of rejecting these Cookies or being deleted, browsing or navigate to our website, will not work so simply.
    Advertising Cookies: Used to customize the advertising that our website provides you, based on the content of the website and the frequency at which this advertising are displayed.
    Behavioral Advertising Cookies: These cookies store the information of our users and their behavior to later offer in the advertising space available relevant information for them.
    If you have questions about our policy of cookies, you can contact us at the following email address:
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