Anti Lice Scrunchy and Hair Clips for repells all kind of insects

Bitemosquito Scrunchy and hair Clips Anti Lice

Forget Lice with Bitemosquito's Scrunchy and Hair Clips, which contain a powerful repellent that will prevent Lice moving to your head!

Current Lice Rate in: Spain

Lice level


Medium High

What should a girl wear with this percentage of lice?

This girl should wear what feels best to her, as a necessary complement we recommend her: Scrunchy or Hair Clip from bitemosquito, just To prevent Contagion!

Other recommended accessories with your Bitemosquito Scrunchy:

add ons recommended for scrunchy bitemosquito
add ons recommended for scrunchy bitemosquito, antimosquito t shirt
add ons recommended for scrunchy bitemosquito, t shirt antimosquito with hood

We recommend you antimosquito t shirt from bitemosquito
*Percentage based on our experience :)
Flowers, Scrunchy and hair clips from bitemosquito

Bitemosquito Anti Lice

Power and Safety

Bitemosquito products are made with rigorous methods that give you great repellency against Lice or any insects who wants to pose in your head.

Lice Percentage in: México

Lice level on Costa del Sol



What should a Woman wear with this Mosquito Percentage?

This girl should wear what feels best to her, as a necessary complement we recommend her: bitemosquito hair Clip, to be Lice and Bugs free!

Other recommended add-ons:

recommended add-ons for Anti Lice repellent Scrunchy
recommended antimosquito t shirt as a complement for Anti Lice repellent Scrunchy
antimosquito t shirt, best complement for anti Lice Scrunchy

We recommend you Our Antimosquito T shirt
*Percentage based on Our Experience :)
Flowers Anti Lice Hair Clips

With the accessories Bitemosquito you will always be fashionable and well Protected

Flowers Anti Lice Scrunchy from bitemosquito repells lice efficiently
Flower Scruncy

You can choose between different models and colors

summer fashion 2017 scrunchy Anti Lice
traditional Scrunchy

Life time Scrunchy, Now with total repellency Action Against lice.     

Flower type Hair Clip Anti Lice
Hair Clips

Anti Bugs & Anti Lice Hair Clips 

How does it work?

Bitemosquito uses a powerful repellents that we adhere to the fabric through nanotechnology and an industrial process that causes this component to be fixed to the fabric and resist washing. These substances act on the sensory senses of the insect. Lice is stunned and loses its orientation

Will it cause any damage to my skin?

The substance does not touch your skin directly as it is inside a microcapsule. The repellent is released gradually by the friction, avoiding so that it touches your skin, but providing the same or greater effectiveness than if you took it on her.

¿Existen reacciones adversas?

Our Repellent textile is completely antiallergenic, odorless and certified.

Do they really work?

Of course yes, Our textiles have not only undergone numerous toxicity tests, also proved their effectiveness, obtaining results of more than 90% efficiency during dozens of domestic washes. 

Can I use it if there is Lice infection already?

We don't recommended, Our complement is a Protective barrier Not a Lice exterminator... It is recommended to finish with the appropriate lice eradication treatments before beginning use them. 

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Prevents Lice Infection! 

We present new products to prevent lice invading your hair

24 hours against Lice
24 hours of protection

With more than 90% efficacy, you'll just have to wear it to be protected from lice

Anti Lice functional textile
Functional Textiles

The textiles we used, have been treated with nanotechnology. The substance will not be in direct contact with your skin

Customizable Anti Lice Scrunchy
Customizable design

This is hand made original design, and you can customize it exclusively to your taste, including the initial of your name!

  • Tie scrunchy with elastic rubber anti lice

    Ties are Fasionable

    With our grandma's version and rubber elastic version scrunchys, not only will you go to the last one, also nobody will know that you have an anti-lice barrier!

  • elastic rubber Anti Lice Scrunchy

    The Grandmother's Scrunchy

    A traditional Scrunchy that will also protect you from lice just by wearing it!

  • antivlice cotton flower for hair

    An antilice flower?

    Who said scrunchy always have to be the same? 
    Design and personalized your flower scrunchy that will help you against Head lice!

Anti LiceScrunchy and Hair Clips

100% Cotton

Cotton is the best natural fiber, Is the most resistant, and its perfect for summer, as it absorbs moisture from the body and helps us to stay dry. 

  • Oeko-tex Quality Cotton
  • Cotton is completely natural and contains no chemicals
  • Natural fabrics as cotton are highly breathable and allow air circulation
  • Synthetic fabrics do not offer such ventilation and tight garments of manufactured materials can cause the appearance of fungi
Totally Hand made and Effective against Lice

Scrunchy and Hair Clips from Bitemosquito are entirely Hand Made, The designs are exclusively and the substances are into the fabric, it is microcapsulated.  Contains Permethrin, Which is the active ingredient recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) to treat head lice

  • High textile technology
  • It prevents in more than 90% the contagion of lice by its powerful component that does not touch your skin.
  • Antiallergenic and odorless
  • You can wash it up to 50 times and the repellent effect will continue as the first day.

Permethrin is a synthetic chemical that is used worldwide as insecticide and acaricide, as well as insect and Lice repellent.
It belongs to the family of compounds called pyrethroids, whose mechanism of action is neurotoxicity by prolonging the activation of the sodium channels causing sustained depolarization on insects. It has no effects on mammalian or bird neurons, so it has little mammalian toxicity

  • It is one of the most powerful repellents and is endorsed by WHO
  • Protection against all types of insects - Very effective against lice.
  • The substance is in the textile without having contact with your skin.
scrunchy, hair Clips antilice
What our customers say?

"The hair tie is beautiful and with the theme of bearing the initials each of my daughters has theirs!”

customer testimonial scrunchy anti-lice bitemosquito

— Mari Batista, sales promoter

"I ordered the hair clips because although my daughter has short hair always catches some... they are beautiful"

customer testimonial anti lice scrunchies bitemosquito

— Elizabeth Santana, shop assistant

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— Borja Ramos, Costumer Bitemosquito