Girl wearing summer cassual look 2017 with her antimosquito t shirt

Want to enjoy the outdoors without...

We present the only shirt that repels all kinds of Mosquitoes and bugs!

Mosquitoes Percentage in: Costa del Sol Spain

level of mosquitoes


Medium High

What should a Woman wear with this Mosquito Percentage?

This girl should wear what feels best to her, as a necessary complement we recommend her: bitemosquito t shirt 100% cotton, to be insect and mosquitoes free!

Other recommended add-ons for this look:

recommended add ons for wear with anti mosquito t shirt
bitemosquito recomended add onselect=
bottle of watter is a necesary add on with your antimosquito t shirt

This is just a suggestion. Bitemosquito don't sell these items
*Percentage base on our experience :)
Women playing Padel wearing antimosquito t shirt Summer fashion 2017

Bitemosquito  t shirt

¿Why mosquitoes bite me?

Discover How and why our tshirts woorks against mosquitoes

¿Want to learn more about the substances?

The outdoor tshirt you can wear on any Ocassion

Front of antimosquito t shirt for men with hook
T Shirt with Hook 

You can get a young and cool style, suitable for any age and situation with your shirt antimosquitos.

Athletesntimosquito t shirt color white for adults
basic t Shirt

With our basic anti-mosquito shirt you can get the look you want ... The limit is in your imagination!

Antimosquito t shirt for adults red and black
Look Outdoor

Whatever activity you want to do, you can practice it comfortably and without mosquitoes that annoy you!

Try to enjoy your passion with antimosquitos outdoor clothing

Enjoy outdoors with Passion. Do it with your best companion to drive away the mosquitoes: Your T shirt Bitemosquito.

Mosquitoes Percentage in: Quintana Roo México

Level of mosquitoes in Cancun Mexico


Quite High

What should a Men wear with this Mosquito Percentage?

This Men should wear what feels best to her, as a necessary complement we recommend him: bitemosquito t shirt 100% cotton, to be insect and mosquitoes free!

Other recommended add-ons for this look:

Comfortable and without mosquito bites
The sunglasses and your antimosquitos T-shirt, the perfect combination
A good hat and an antimosquitos T-shirt always look good

This is just a suggestion. Bitemosquito don't sell these items
*Percentage based on our experience :)
Boy with hooded t-shirt insect repellent
Boy with mosquito repellent shirt doing trekking

Bitemosquito  t shirt men

For whom it is?

Do you know what kind of person is designed for bitemosquito?


For those who have a great passion for what they do.


For those who love spending time enjoying the outdoors.


For those who want to travel or discover new corners.


For those who the nature and the outside are their way of life

How does it work?

Bitemosquito uses 2 powerful repellents that we adhere to the fabric through nanotechnology and an industrial process that causes this component to be fixed to the fabric and resist washing. These substances act on the sensory senses of the insect. In the case of citriodiol makes the mosquito do not detect you. In the case of permethrin, the mosquito is stunned and loses its orientation.

What is Nanotechnology?

It is the process of coating molecules, solid particles or liquid globules, with materials of different nature, to give rise to particles of micrometric size. Microcapsules are polymers that are harmless to humans, so they do not irritate or damage the skin, and the active substance is released by rubbing, providing continuous protection to the smaller ones. The microcapsules are adhered to the tissue through a resin.

Will it cause any damage to my skin?

The substance does not touch your skin directly as it is inside a microcapsule. The repellent is released gradually by the friction, avoiding so that it touches your skin, but providing the same or greater effectiveness than if you took it on her.

Is it safe for children?

Citriodiol is the substance we use for children and is considered the most powerful natural repellent and suitable for them. Consumer Reports US reveals in its latest report that a 30% citriodiol concentration is much more effective and has far fewer negative effects than products containing DEET. Citriodiol acts by camouflaging the child's insects and all experts agree on their low toxicity and potency. want to learn more?

¿Why mosquitoes bites me?

Mosquito females need the proteins that exist in our blood so that their eggs can develop. They use their antennas to detect the carbon dioxide we exhale while breathing. They can detect odors such as perspiration or urine, as well as body temperature to choose their victims. learn more about the substances we use

¿More Questions?  @Bitemosquito17 

  • Girl enjoying the afternoon on the beach with antimosquitos T-shirt

    Sunset at the Beach

    Enjoy a wonderful sunset without being bitten by mosquitoes

  • Boy exploring wearing antimosquitos T-shirt

    Discover new Places 

    Don't let insect bites stop you to explore new horizons!

  • Sportsmen wearing antimosquitos T-shirt


    ¿Footing, Padel, Golf o Biking? Whatever your favorite activity, now you can practice it comfortably and without mosquito bites!

  • “I live in an area with a lot of humidity and every time a ray of sun comes out it is full of mosquitoes, I have tried everything, bracelets, cream, lotion, spray, electrical appliances ... !, and soon cease to be effective. I've been with her for days and although I only use it to get out (my house is full of mosquito nets), for now I have not been bitten by her putting”

    Bego antimosquito t shirt testimonials

    — Begoña, reportera de Campo

  • “Buy the shirt because I have tried other repellents in my travels and within a few hours they no longer have an effect, either because of the heat or the sweat goes all the repellent of the skin or the same is because the product does not even work. In short, I took her two weeks ago to a trip to Cancun and if it is effective, neither my face nor her arms stung me any mosquito”

    Laura antimosquito t shirt testimonials

    — Laura Vazquez, Beauty Specialist

  • “Great, bought it my wife for our son and for us because we live near a wetland and every time we go out to walk our dog is full of mosquitoes, especially after the last rains ... The child has a lemon-like scent but Which is nice and ours do not have any smell, we have been using them for almost a week almost every day since we wear them to go walking the dog and the truth is that they work.”

    antimosquito t shirt testimonials

    — Caco alvarez, Hospitality Entrepreneur

The Benefits

You know you have something good when it gives you the freedom to enjoy ....

Bitemosquito With citriodiol has a repellency of more than 90%


New action repellent without applying substances on your skin.

Bitemosquito gives you a high repellency on your anti-mosquito t-shirts

Proven effectiveness

Over 90% repellency against mosquitoes, ticks and other insects that transmit disease

Bitemosquito is made with cotton quality oeko tex 100

Cotton 100%

Discover the only natural fiber that adapts to room temperature. Our fiber is certified oeko-tex standard

With Bitemosquito shirts you will have 24 hours of protection a day against mosquitoes

24 hours of protection

We present the repellent shirt with which you will be protected whenever you take it with you

Repellent T-shirts can be worn up to 50 times without loosing repellency


Por que además puedes lavar tu camiseta hasta 50 veces sin que pierda eficacia repelente.

High quality insect repellent clothing


Because you are unique. Discover your perfect repellent t-shirt among our new designs.

kids will also be protected from mosquitoes with safety.

Children's hooded sweatshirt
 Hook t shirt 2 Colors 

Contains one of the most powerful and safe repellents for children:  Citriodiol (Lemon oil Eucalyptus). made with 100% Cotton. Want to learn more?

Baby repellents brands Bitemosquito
Basic with Hook

 Citriodiol (Lemon oil Eucalyptus) is the best repellent for children 98/08/CE Want to learn more about our substances?

Mosquito repellent in textile on t-shirt

 Citriodiol (Lemon oil Eucalyptus) is micro encapsulated in our t shirts. Discover the citriodiol efficiency

Technical Characteristics of Bitemosquito t Shirt

100% Cotton

Cotton is perfect for wearing in the summer as it can easily absorb moisture from the body, and helps keeping you dry as it does not stick to the skin, allowing perspiration. Cotton is also able to extract heat from your skin, helping you to keeps cool and comfortable in hot seasons!

  • Cotton Oeko-tex 100 Quality
  • Cotton is completely natural and Don't contain any chemicals
  • Natural fabrics such as cotton are highly breathable and allow air circulation
  • Synthetic fabrics do not offer such ventilation and tight garments of manufactured materials can cause the appearance of fungi
Citriodiol (Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus)

Citriodiol® is nature's most effective insect repellent. It is a naturally sourced active ingredient that is effective against a range of biting insects, nuisance insects and ticks. It is derived from the oil of the Eucalyptus citriodora tree (also known as Corymbia citriodora), which is a natural and renewable resource grown in several parts of the world

  • It is microencapsulated
  • Especially suitable for children and pregnant women.
  • It has a high Potency (same as DEET) and low Toxicity
  • Unlike other essential oil based products, Citriodiol® has passed the most rigorous safety and efficacy tests. For example, it has met the highest standards obtaining unconditional registration from the following agencies
    Want to learn more about Citriodiol?

Permethrin is a synthetic chemical that is used worldwide as insecticide and acaricide as well as insect,lice and mosquitoes repellent. It belongs to the family of compounds called pyrethroids whose mechanism of action is the neurotoxicity by prolongation of the activation of the channels of sodium, causing sustained depolarization on the insects. It has no effects on mammalian or bird neurons, so it has very little mammalian toxicity

  • Its use is completely safe. WHO recommends it
  • Protection against all types of insects
  • Its microencapsulated and substances don't touch directly your skin
  • Has a prolonged effect.  This repellent gives you the security of being protected against the main insect vectors transmitters of serious diseases Want to learn more about the vectors
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This product and its components have been analyzed by leading textile technology companies and laboratorys.

Join hundreds of people who already enjoy outdoors wothout mosquito bites.
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