Where the wind takes us...

Who has not said, thought or heard the phrase "wherever the wind takes us"  ever? And this phrase contains great truths...

In this new era where we all rush from one side to another, or rather from work to shopping, from shopping to home, from home to work ... routines take over our life, and without realizing we spend Almost all the week put in them, wishing that the weekend arrives (or what is the same the days off) to do something different, reason why each time it becomes more necessary to look for "moments" for oneself.

And it is that we demand more and more, without stopping to think for a moment that life is unique and that sometimes it is necessary to stop that routine and go wherever the wind takes us ... Leave work and go wherever we like , Motivate us or us of peace, to simply "do nothing" ... enjoy what surrounds us without thinking of anything else.

I came to mind those moments when my parents took me camping, where everyone disconnected from our routines (work, home, school, homework, etc) and we lived every day in the countryside, with tents in spite of That we do not fall asleep in a bed, we all rose with the first rays of the sun, with renewed energy and willing to spend a day without obligations.

The only rule was to remember to eat, to put sunscreen, mosquito repellent and enjoy ... to enjoy the sun, the sensations of the place, the nature that surrounded us, teaching my brother and me that every day can be unique And filling our childhood with good memories.

So when in your mind that great phrase, "wherever the wind takes us", do not think it, do not meditate it, no matter what day or the obligations you have, look for that place that you like, that motivates you to Go to "do nothing" and enjoy your moment, because each of those moments will become "good memories".

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